Exercise Sessions

PHSG Exercise Sessions

ALL activities have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. The information below refers to our activities under normal circumstances.

PHSG runs exercise sessions under the supervision of trainers who have taken and passed the examinations run by the British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR).

Exercise Programme

Supervisors of our own sessions are fully qualified trainers. Lesley Bradshaw, Clare Barratt, Paula Trowbridge, Angie Hoare, Emma Thomas, Jenni Sweetlove and Jayne Frank have added BACR Phase 4 Instructor’s Certificate to their existing qualifications. Our Group also has the benefit of the services of Livvy Inglis qualified through The Wright Foundation. Livvy assists with the Phase 3 Rehab Classes at Blandford Hospital and runs the Phase 4 classes in Blandford.

The Exercise Sessions are open to all paid-up members of Poole Heart Support Group. The Group encourages husbands/wives/partners to join in with our exercises.

The cost for exercising at our own venues is £3.00 per person, payable on the day of exercise.

There is an open invitation for all those suffering from a cardiac related condition to join us, with the proviso that they must be a paid up member of the Group and be prepared to obtain their GP’s agreement to complete one of our own Prescription Forms.

As more and more of us survive a “Heart Event” Poole H.S.G. will continue to grow and grow. The excellent work carried out by the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit is followed through by our organisation within its Phase 4 exercise programme.

Hearts on Seat

We now operate classes for the not so fit members of PHSG.

Poole NHS Hospital Trust

The group maintains a close relationship with the Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Department and our trainers, Lesley Bradshaw, Emma Thomas and Jenni Sweetlove assist the staff with Phase 3 Rehabilitation and Heart Failure Classes.

Exercise Venues

Click for the list of exercise venues and days of week on which they function.

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