PHSG Statement on Covid-19 (Corona) virus – Thursday 12 March 2020

PHSG has a duty to our members who are in the main in the most vulnerable age group. We need to advise the following:

The Spring Dinner / Dance has been cancelled. All Ticket Holders will receive a refund over the next week or two and will be contacted individually. Some applicants have not had their cheques cashed yet anyway.

Exercise classes will continue to operate normally until such time as the venues tell us that they must close, as long as our Trainers are available to take classes and as long as attendance numbers are maintained. This will be under constant review. In the meantime it must be the responsibility of attendees not to turn up if they are feeling at all unwell for any reason. After all, we do not want to spread cold bugs either. Be aware that the biggest risks of infection are handling the gymnasium apparatus and hugs and handshakes. Wash hands before and after and don’t touch your face. Hamworthy Fire Station Venue is already closed to us as they have been put on standby.

Chatstops will continue as long as St John’s Hall is available.

Committee Meeting matters will be dealt with by email until further notice.

Keith Matthews

Mission Statement

Poole Heart Support Group (PHSG) provides help and friendship to members and their carers and also to others in the Poole surrounding area, who have suffered with heart problems.

As a not-for-profit support network, it will do this by providing a channel of advice and information from healthcare professionals, a social framework and activities within which new friends can be made, including healthy exercise under the supervision of qualified trainers.


PHSG runs supervised exercise sessions for its members and also a number of other physical and social activities. Please check the details on the Activities page.

Join Us

Be a member and join one of our activities – fill in the Application Form on the Join Us page.

Social Networks

PHSG is now on Facebook and Twitter.

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