Please Beware of Bogus Officials

A security message from Dorset Alert

Good Morning,

We are advised that criminals are posing as Council officials or NHS staff to either gain entry to private residences, or to make monetary gain by charging householders for errands, we would therefore like to advise you once again to be vigilant to these attempts and to say NO to cold callers.

BCP and Dorset Councils do not send anyone to your home to offer services such as shopping or running errands to collect medicines etc. without making a pre-arranged appointment to visit and carry out the service and their volunteers will never enter your home.

Similarly the NHS is not carrying out house to house visits.

Although it is difficult whilst maintaining social distancing, you still need to check the id of anyone calling at your home. Ask them to hold it to a window so that you can view it and if you are still unsure, please ring the organisation to check that the caller is legitimate – use the number on a bill or from the phone book, not a number the visitor provides.

Do not allow anyone into your home unless it is an emergency. Do not give your bank card to anyone offering to do shopping for you; most shops will allow you to make payment directly to them when you place your order. Volunteers are advised not to take credit or debit cards from the person they are running errands for.

If you need help with essential services because you are unable to get out you can request assistance from your local council.

BCP Council – Phone 0300 123 7052 or complete the online form

Dorset Council – Phone: 01305 221000 or email

Please remain vigilant and stay safe.

Elaine Ryan
Resilient Community Co-ordinator
Dorset Police