General Crime Prevention Poole North

Dorset AlertThe following message is from Dorset Alert –

Monday 13th July. This is a general crime prevention message.

We are continuing to see vehicle related crime across all areas of Poole.

A reminder of some tips to reduce the risk to your vehicle:

  • Do not leave your loose change or any other cash on show;
  • Remove all valuables from the car and do not leave things like bags or sunglasses on display;
  • Where possible, park your vehicle in a well-lit area with CCTV;
  • Ensure all your windows and doors are secure before you walk away;
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle, even if you are only leaving it for a few moments;
  • Do not leave devices like phones in the car. Always take them with you when you leave;
  • Remove stereos and sat nav equipment when you leave your car and wipe off any marks left behind.

Additionally, for commercial vehicles:

  • Fit a visible alarm system;
  • Display a “I have no valuables in my vehicle” sticker or sign;
  • Double lock your van;
  • Reduce access to your vehicle by parking up against a garage/wall/building.

Remove It Lock It

Message Sent By
Tony Thomas (Dorset Police, Volunteer 4234, Poole)