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Music Quiz

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Boyzone had a hit single with which Osmonds song?

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Category: Music

What are the lines called on which music is written?

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Category: Music

Who had the million seller with "I Walk The Line"?

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Category: Music

Who was the ebony to Paul McCartney's ivory?

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Category: Music

Roy Orbison had how many UK number 1 singles?

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Category: Music

Which day did the Boomtown Rats not like?

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Category: Music

Which song did Don McLean write about the death of Buddy Holly?

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Category: Music

Who was the lead singer of The Doors?

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Category: Music

Which fictional astronaut did David Bowie sing about?

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Category: Music

How many strings are there on a harp?

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Category: Music

What was Elvis Presley's middle name?

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Category: Music

What boy band had the worlds best selling album of 2013?

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Category: Music

After the Beatles split - who had the first No.1 hit song?

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Category: Music

What was John Lennon's middle name?

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Category: Music

Which Beatles hit stayed in the charts for 33 weeks in 1963?

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Category: Music

Who was the first Scottish group to have three number ones?

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Category: Music

In music, who was "Lost in France" in 1976?

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Category: Music

Bjork was lead singer of what Icelandic band before pursuing a solo career?

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Category: Music

Name the person who replaced Ozzy Osbourne as Black Sabbath ‘s lead singer?

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Category: Music

What year did Elvis Presley die?

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Sonja and Bill Sparrow
Sonja and Bill Sparrow
26 days ago

Good quiz

Alan Brown
Alan Brown
27 days ago

Enjoyed that – 85%. Good to see Black Sabbath get a mention!

29 days ago

Great quiz i got 70 % thanks

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