History Quiz No. 3

The History Quiz No 3 is now online. There are 10 questions in the quiz

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History Quiz No. 3

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Category: History

In which month of 1939 did Britain declare war on Germany?

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Category: History

England fought the Hundred Years’ War against which country?

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Category: History

By what name was the American William Cody better known?

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Category: History

Which 20th century king reigned for less than a year?

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Category: History

Pitcairn Island was settled by crew members of which ship?

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Category: History

Which country was once ruled by a Mikado?

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Category: History

In which century was the organisation we now know as the Bank of England established?

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Category: History

During the Elizabethan era Thomas Derrick devised a type of lifting device to assist him in his occupation – what was his occupation?

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Category: History

The Great Hall (or Westminster Hall), the oldest
Surviving part of the Houses of Parliament, was built during the reign of which monarch?

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Category: History

Who was the first woman to be proclaimed as Queen of England in her own right?

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Sonja and Bill Sparrow
Sonja and Bill Sparrow
3 months ago

Must do better next time! Thank you

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