General Knowledge Quiz No. 11

The General Knowledge Quiz No 11 is now online. There are 10 questions in the quiz.

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General Knowledge Quiz No. 11

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Category: General knowledge

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse appear in which book of the Bible?

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Category: General knowledge

In the Olympic Games, which of these gymnastic disciplines is not part of women’s competition?

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Category: General knowledge

The eruption of which volcano in 1815 was the most powerful in recorded history?

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Category: General knowledge

In the Highway Code, a depiction of three cars within a red triangle appears on the road sign for which of these?

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Category: General knowledge

The term Luddite originally applied to disgruntled workers in which industry?

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Category: General knowledge

Which TV presenter will become the first female host of Countdown when she takes over the role from Nick Hewer later this year?

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Category: General knowledge

Who played disgraced MP Jeremy Thorpe in the 2018 miniseries ‘A Very English Scandal’?

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Category: General knowledge

Where was Lyndon B Johnson when he was sworn in as President of the USA following the assassination of John F Kennedy?

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Category: General knowledge

What piece of information does not appear on the personal details page of a standard UK passport?

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Category: General knowledge

In North America, the World Series is an annual championship series of contests in which sport?

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Sonja and Bill Sparrow
Sonja and Bill Sparrow
13 days ago

Good quiz thank you

John Harvey
John Harvey
14 days ago

Thank you for putting together the interesting quizzes. Also for sending out the regular bulletins.

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