Queries regarding restarting HSG activities

The following message has just been received from the BHF with respect to Heart Support Groups resuming activities :

In recent days we have received some queries regarding guidance around restarting group activities in light of the recent announcement to changes in lockdown restrictions. Whilst there will be some changes to restrictions from Saturday 4th July, many are still in place or may be re-introduced in localised areas.

Given these levels of complexity, we are not able to give advice on whether it is safe or appropriate to re-start face to face activities; that must be a decision made locally, based on current government advice and taking in to account the individual needs of your Heart Support Group participants. We would advise you to continue to follow the guidance as set out by the government; full guidance can be found here. Please regularly check the national and local guidance as going forward as the restrictions are likely to vary depending on where you live.

If you are living with a heart or circulatory condition, your risk of catching coronavirus is no higher than anyone else. However, the risks of developing complications from the virus, if infected, are greater. It is therefore particularly important you reduce your chance of catching the virus by following the information provided by the UK government  and NHS.

Our team of medical experts continue to regularly update our Coronavirus hub, providing the latest expert information on coronavirus and your heart to staying healthy while you’re at home, plus support from cardiac nurses on our heart helpline.

We are very much aware that members are missing being able to meet, so would encourage you where possible to keep in contact with each other via the phone or online.

Please remember our Heart Helpline (0300 330 3311/ hearthelpline@bhf.org.uk ) is open as usual if you would like to speak with a cardiac nurse. You can of course still continue to email heartsupportgroups@bhf.org.uk with any other questions.

Best wishes,


Elena Ahmed
Patient & Public Involvement Administrator
British Heart Foundation
Greater London House, 180 Hampstead Road
London | NW1 7AW