Exercise classes from 17th May 2021

Classes starting week beginning 17th May.

Note that the email addresses and phone numbers of the trainers are not included here. If you are a member then you should have received these details in the newsletter. If you have any problem then please complete the Contact Us form on https://www.poolehsg.org.uk/contact-us/


Hamworthy, Liberal Hall 10-10.45 Caroline Croucher
Ferndown, United Church 1.30-2.15pm Juliet Carey


Martial Arts Centre, Nuffield trading estate 9.30-10.15 Caroline Croucher


The Junction, Broadstone 10.45-11.30 Caroline Croucher
Parkstone United Reformed Church 10.45-11.30 Paula Trowbridge


The junction, Broadstone 09.30-10.15 and 10.30-11.15 Jayne Frank
Hearts On Seats, Broadstone 1-1.45pm Jayne Frank


Ferndown, United Church 10-10.45 Richard Wood
Parkstone United Reformed Church 10.45-11.30 Paula Trowbridge

Classes starting week beginning 24th May-


Swanage Methodist Church 2.30-3.15 and 3.30-4.15 Jayne Turnley


Wareham, Purbeck sports centre 3.30-4.15 Jayne Turnley

Classes starting week beginning 21st June


Monday 08.45-9.30. 09.45-10.30 Lesley Richards
Tuesday 09-9.45. 10-10.45 Emma Thomas
Thursday 08.45-9.30. 09.45-10.30. 10.45-11.30 Lesley Richards
Friday 09-9.45. 10-10.45 Emma Thomas


Tennis Club, Ashley Cross 10.45-11.30 Paula Trowbridge
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