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Below is a list of testimonials received :

Great exercise classes

I have been attending cardiac classes following on from cardiac rehab. I have been going to classes at Canford since late March. I attend both Emma & Lesley’s classes. I hope to try and increase my attendance to 3 or 4 sessions a week. Lesley and Emma are superb trainers, I really enjoy classes and I have to say these are the only classes I have been to where I am not clock watching wishing they would finish. The time whizzes by. Thanks Robin and PHSG for providing a great resource.

Best wishes Lynne

June 25, 2018

Brain Tumour

I had the heart problem having two stents inserted 9th. Dec. 2014. I was introduced to the P.H.S.G after my post recovery exercise class and what a friendly group and I've always wanted to see more of Canford School. A plus, plus all round. We have a dog so I have regular exercise with him, but my Thurs. morning class improves my waistline !

My wife was having hearing and balance problems for some time and decided to do something about it late Nov. 2015. She was in Southampton Hospital by 4th. Dec having a shunt put into her brain to allow fluid building up in the brain to drain into her abdomen. She had an Acoustic Neuroma and needed this non malignant tumour to be cut out at a later date. Christmas was on hold and you can imagine having to recover from quite major surgery is one thing, but to wait for even more major surgery which was planned for Feb. 2016 meant our lives were on hold. I didn't want to go out for fear of my wife catching a cold, she wasn't eating well not surprisingly, but she's a fighter and didn't complain.

She had the major surgery on 9th Feb. lasting from 9.30 to 7.30 and needed another operation the following morning because of a blood clot. The trip to Southampton was a nightmare.

She is now in Poole Hospital in their Brain and Neural ward making a great recovery and I have returned to my exercise class with all their wishes and support for any help. My waistline has suffered, but the mental trauma is gradually easing in their friendly company.

I thank the Doctors and Nursing staff for their skill, it does make you think of God and I have shed tears both of anguish and joy.

We are social creatures and my wife and I have a long path to tread, but help is always there being in the P.H.S.G. Thanks

Dave March 1, 2016

Taken for granted

When I first came out of rehab I needed to continue my exercise routine. I joined PHSG Lytchett.

For years I attended this and assumed that this type of support group was widespread across the country.

When I retired I joined the committee.

It was then I discovered that we are very lucky in this area to have PHSG. I wouldn't say we are unique but we are probably one of the largest and most active.

We are lucky!

George December 2, 2014

Heart Attack! Heart Attack!

It was three years ago on the 19th of November 2011 that I suffered a near-fatal heart attack (HA). Out with a friend the evening before watching John Barrowman performing in the Pavilion, Bournemouth, I was suffering with chest discomfort thinking it was my hiatus hernia problem. I chewed on my usual pastilles and the 'pain' went away until the next morning - long story short, I was blue-lighted to Poole Hospital in the midst of suffering a HA. Also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and cholesterol problem. I knew about the latter but didn't realise how bad it was - both my parents suffered from the latter! Diabetes was a huge shock as there is no record of this in my family.

At 62 years of age with no sign whatsoever of having an ailing heart, I was shocked to the core. Moving on - stent inserted a week later and I returned home depressed but ready to move on. My husband, Bill and I had moved a week before the HA, looking forward to our life in a residential park home in Holton Heath (near Wareham). I joined the exercise group and through them met Robin. I completed the programme and started exercises in Lytchett Minster but I am not a gym fan so stopped after a few times. Bought myself a trampoline and some time later, found a personal trainer - all in the name of getting myself and heart fit again.

I joined PHSG to meet like-minded people - those who know what it's like to suffer a HA. It's one of the most traumatic experiences I've ever suffered. Bill and I recently started going out for at least 20 minutes each morning on a power walk. Plus we still exercise at home and eat far more sensible and healthy food. Having a partner / husband is great but they are not able to feel what we feel if they haven't suffered a heart-related problem; that's not being disrespectful, it's the reality. We need to relate to like-minded people to try and make sense of what we have been through. PHSG does what it says on the label - it supports us. The walking (which sadly I've not been on many, mainly due to still 'working').

I volunteer to do the PHSG office duties as many times as I can. It's all about helping others who have / are in the same position - having heart-related issues. I know I may not meet many people sitting in the office in Poole but I know that I am doing my bit to keep this wonderful group 'alive'. Long may it last and for the price - no contest! Best wishes to you all and a speedy recovery for those still suffering.

Sonja Sparrow November 4, 2014