Message from Emma

Hello all

I wanted to touch base with everyone after these first few weeks of this strange new existence of isolation and social distancing.

I miss teaching my classes at Canford School and seeing you all; home schooling is certainly a challenge I wasn’t expecting this year.

I have tried to establish a daily routine we start our day with the Joe Wicks PE lesson; which generally involves me doing the exercises whilst the girls run round laughing.

The girls doing their garden circuit

In the afternoons after we have finished our schoolwork we get the girls out for a walk trying to find empty roads or set up a obstacle course in the garden. Our circuit includes a trampoline but also cartwheels and hula hooping….neither of which I plan to introduce at Canford any time soon!

This brings me on to my question… is everyone still trying to do some form of exercise during the week? Walk if you can keeping social distancing but don’t forget the home circuit and with the warm weather on its way is perfect activity for the garden.

Remember to warm up…some heel digs, step touches and the box step. If you have room then do a brisk walk around before doing a few warm up stretches. I have list 8 exercises below which can be done at home try and aim for 90 seconds on each.

Remember your Borg scale and take your pulse before during and after. Assess the area for trip hazards and don’t over do it.

  1. Knee lifts
  2. Heel lifts
  3. Hamstring curls
  4. Wall press
  5. Step ups on the stairs
  6. Bicep curls (holding some tins)
  7.  double side steps or walk
  8. Sit to stand on a chair

Cool down when you’ve finished. Easy walk around some heel digs and don’t forget those shoulder rolls.

Make sure you check your Borg scale and pulse before you sit down for that cuppa!

Good luck and see you all soon back at class.

Emma x

The girls doing their garden circuit