Jul 072013

I have created a forum for PHSG members to add information that may be of interest to other members. A very limited number of options are available at the moment, but if you have any suggestions, then post them in the Genera Comments are. Currently these are the areas that have been created :

  • General Comments – as mentioned above
  • For Sale / Wanted – do you have anything to sell to any of our members? Add them here, with a description and photo (if available)
  • PHSG Freecycle – You may have lots of items or unwanted presents that you wish to dispose of, which may be of interest to our members. If you are members of Poole Freecycle, then you will know how it works. I originally set up Poole Freecycle many years ago, although it has passed on to other moderators a long time ago.

Click on this link to get to the forum, or click on the Forum title in the main menu just below the photograph at the top of each page.

If the forum is little used, then it can be deleted in the future. Let’s see how it progresses!

I have already posted a plastic garden table that may be of interest to someone. If nobody shows any interest, then it will go on the Poole Freecycle list.

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