Winter Walks 2018/19 – 6th March

Walking Group

If you wish to join the walk then ring the leader the day before to find out the final details of the meeting place and time.

This walk leaders are Ray and Helen – 01202 574433


  1. The club shall be called Poole Pacemakers 97
  2. The club shall come under the Committee of Poole Heart Support Group.
  3. The object of the club is to arrange walks suitable for members of P.H.S.G. Who have had heart problems and of course their partners.
  4. Membership may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Committee
  5. Dogs are not permitted on walks, (a) because we walk through farmland, where there can be animals, and (b) not all members are dog lovers.

Disclaimer warning. Neither the Ramblers Association nor the Poole Pacemakers ‘97 Walking Club shall be held liable for the death or injury, accident, or damage to the person or property of any guest or any other person occurring, during or arising from participation in any of the activities of P.P.97 Walking Club

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