Research Study on Heart Failure

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Jun 152014

Sindujah Manohar, Administrator of Heart Support Groups in the British Heart Foundation, has sent information on a new opportunity relating to a research study in Oxford that may be of interest to members of PHSG. The specific study is looking into two main symptoms of heart failure – breathlessness and fatigue. Dr Helen Walthall is the Lead Researcher for this study and the information that she has provided is given below:

“If you have been told you have heart failure by either a nurse or a doctor we would like your help. Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University have been working with patients who have heart failure to develop a questionnaire about two main symptoms – breathlessness and fatigue. These symptoms are very common in heart failure and patients have felt health care workers do not really understand how these symptoms are for them and the direct impact they have on everyday life. We have interviewed 25 patients and have written the questionnaire using patients own words. Continue reading »

Doctors told to stop aspirin for heart condition

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Jun 152014

The following article appeared in The Times on 9th June 2014 –

Doctors have been told to stop prescribing aspirin for a common heart condition that raises the risk of stroke.

An estimated 300,000 patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) could be affected by the new guidelines issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice).

Previously it was thought that aspirin could help to lower the risk of blood clots in AF, which causes an irregular and often unusually fast heartbeat. Continue reading »