Geoffrey Walker wins “Nurse of the Year 2013”

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Mar 282013

Geoffrey Walker wins “Nurse of the Year 2013”

Our very own Geoffrey Walker, Matron Medicine, Cardiology and Specialist Services at Poole Hospital, is awarded “Nurse of the Year 2013”, by the British Journal of Nursing.

Poole Heart Support Group congratulates Geoffrey on such a wonderful, and most deserved, award!

Below is an excerpt from a report on the presentation :

ID Medical presents the leading award at the British Journal of Nursing Awards 2013

Through its strong belief in truly supporting and giving back to the industry, ID Medical sponsored the leading award at nursing’s most prestigious event, the British Journal of Nursing Awards 2013, by presenting Geoffrey Walker who won Nurse Of The Year 2013.

Nick Napier-Andrews, head of strategic accounts, at ID Medical, the UK’s leading force in the provision of healthcare professionals, is pictured presenting Geoffrey Walker, with his Nurse Of The Year Award 2013 for his duties as matron general medicine, Cardiology and specialist nursing services at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Dorset, initiated the public patient involvement group, which has just celebrated 10 years of existence and opened and developed the medical investigations unit as an alternative to inpatient admissions. Mr Walker was honoured in the Queen’s birthday honours list receiving an OBE in 2009.

Nick Napier-Andrews commented “Understanding why Mr Walker won this award is indeed humbling. In the current climate of change within the NHS, where so much is being focused upon cuts and cost efficiencies, Mr Walker’s commitment and the continued success of the public patient involvement group is truly remarkable.”

“By holding more than 80% of supplier contracts in hospitals across the UK ID Medical does have a thorough understanding of such changing landscapes, and working as an approved supplier on all GPS, HTE and LPP frameworks, ID Medical is capable of fully training and developing its nurses, locums and healthcare professionals to attain and exceed required levels of patient experience including quality, safety and care. Nonetheless, nothing can shine the light to Mr Walker who so deservedly achieved the BJN’s Nurse of the Year 2013. By being nominated by his colleagues too clearly demonstrates why he is held in such high esteem with such an enormous contribution to Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and his colleagues. Many, many congratulations Mr Walker on your most commendable achievement. “

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News from Mike & Phillipa Watts in Mallorca

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Mar 272013

We first arrived in mid-March ’82, intending a sabbatical of 6 months,expecting to be greeted by a blanket of warmth on exiting the ‘plane. Not right! The winter can extend from November to mid-May, & we quickly learned that about 3 changes of weight in clothing are needed for each season of the year. We were soon playing Wenceslas, collecting wood to start the open fires.

And we stayed 5 years, forgetting that brains can be left at the airport.We bought that wonderful farm, high up in the mountains, overlooking the very special town of Soller, & facing the mighty Puig Major, the highest mountain on the Island. Well, after a little return to the UK, a mere 16 years, & Mike’s quad bi-pass, we returned to the Valley of Oranges (Soller) & second careers in music-writing (Mike) & jewellery (Philippa). So far we’ve survived 10 more years here, with about 150 compositions, several performances, notably a Mallorquin Suite played by the Balearic Symphony Orchestra.

Yes, winters can seem long, with average temperatures not bad at 14c, but severe blasts of northern gales, enough to strip our terraces of all furniture & dump it all 4 floors down in the garden below! The southern gales (from Morocco) are warm to burning hot in the summer, playing havoc with our garden treasures 4 floors up.(Yes, we live in an apartment now, with 11,000 sq. meters of protective land, & a lovely blue pool, bliss in the hot summer nights when it is too hot to sleep.

The cost of living is little different to the UK, dinners out about 50-100 euros for 2, & we try to work on a super market bill at under 2 euros per item, everything from a bottle of water to a litre of scotch! Pensions are not enough: savings & no mortgage are essential. Try & keep say £50/100,000 for emergencies. The Health service is great. We have a favourite hospital; an early visit of 7 days (prostectomy) gave intriguing companions in a 6 bed room. The lovely nurse who saw me (Mike) through Intensive Care came & sung Flamenco to Philippa & I. A rugged gypsy lad had at least 3 girl-friends a day, & only flimsy blue curtains gave them cover for a little “affection”!Rafael, a farmer, on the essential bland diet, was fed extra goodies by his wife on her daily visits (result, blood in the urine again, & a team of 5 to hold him down whilst they re-fixed his catheter! (“Jesus, por favor!”). One out of 6 of us had to die, I suppose. Juan’s cries & heavy breathing summoned 6 family….@ 5 a.m.

I had to pass by for the loo, & all was suddenly quiet. “How is he?”

Tears all round.. “Ha muerto”. Soon an empty space where he & his bed had been.

Now, here is a difference: for the Spanish, family comes first. They don’t seem to understand the English priority for friends. Sunday lunch is always a big “fiesta” for all the family, seemingly whatever the cost.

Our town of Soller is very special. It is a self-sufficient & proper working town, with delightful tourist amenities, & a “Plaza” vibrant nearly all year with life. Still, my favourite birthday present is for us two to take the little train up & up through the mountains, with glorious views, & on to the plain towards the city of Palma. The city is a delight, & we never tire of it; tho old Moorish Quarter, the modern shops, the Exhibitions, the Theatre, the Gothic Cathedral, &, best for me, the Symphony Orchestra. And then, the wee train back again, through tunnels, past little farms & their flocks, a last “hoot” & we are home again.

At the time of writing, mid-March, spring flowers abound, the million almonds have just flowered, the tourists are returning, & we see old friends & family once again.

We can be found at (Email) …..

Best Wishes to All.

Mike & Philippa Watts.

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PHSG member Neil Mitchener produces “Alien” for Charity

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Mar 022013

The following press release is from the  more bus service website :

‘Alien’ more drivers go on tour…

Paranoid Dramatics are a group of friends and co-workers who have collected together to form a non-profit amateur stage production company. Initially created by Neil Mitchener under the name ‘Blue Moons’, the company has just completed a run of four nights at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne, showcasing their adaptation of the Ridley Scott film Alien.

The cast and crew are made up of, amongst others, several drivers and ex-drivers from more and this show was their first performance for charity, raising money for the Allendale Centre and the Guillain-Barre Syndrome Support Group.

Following a last-minute decision to go to the performance Lucy Harvey and her friend Joe Auckland from Haringey in London were glad they did. They enjoyed the performance so much that on returning home they convinced a group of friends to return with them the following weekend to experience it too.

Paranoid Dramatics

Paranoid Dramatics at after show party

The show went down so well with Lucy and her friends that she has convinced the Paranoid Dramatics team to ‘go on tour’ with the production this summer and stage it in a venue in London.

This photo shows the cast & crew with Lucy and her friends from London at the after-show party.

Those involved from more are:

  • Dave Mitchell (Director)
  • Neil Mitchener (Producer) – far right in the photo
  • Karl Mitchell (Stage Manager)
  • Pete Lawford (Special effects)
  • Sue Baird (Stunt double for Ash)
  • Lydia Hayward (Ripley)
  • John Elliott (Brett)
  • Carolyn White (Lambert)
  • Jason Hill (Dallas)
  • Mike Rustici (Parker)

Well done to all our more staff (past and present) involved in this – we will be following their new-found stardom with interest…

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Mar 022013

Neil Mitchener writes :

Hi David. Re Dinner dates on Thursdays.

Would the club consider having the dinners on a weekend night, as I have never been able to go to one due to my working long shifts during the week. Maybe others have the same problem?

Best Regards Neil Mitchener

Is this of any interest to you?

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